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Toaster Bags
Our Price: $6.00
Joan's Italian Bread
Our Price: $8.50
The NoStik Toast-it bag with its non-stick surface cooks snacks for you in just a couple of minutes, retaining all their flavor and vitamins. Toasted sandwiches, pizza slices, english muffins and more -  Your toaster or grill will remain clean. Toast-it is also suitable for use in all types of toasters, grills, toaster ovens. The bag is reusable up to 50 times.  Perfect to take with you on vacation! Joan's Gluten Free Italian Bread is Crusty and Chewy - its perfect! Comes as a pack of 3 loaves.
Joan's Italian Bread is also Dairy Free, Soy Free and Egg Free!
Check out what Gluten Freeville had to say about Joan's Gluten Free Italian Bread!
Joan has done it again!  Joan's Gluten Free corn toaster muffins are just like the toaster cakes you grew up with!  They are incredibly easy to prepare, they just need to be toasted.  Enriched with 20% of the daily recommended allowance of 14 vitamins and minerals makes these a healthy as well as tasty breakfast choice!  The Corn Toaster Muffins are packaged 4 to a pack.
Check out what Gluten Freeville had to say about Joan's Corn Toaster Muffins!
Joan's Crumb Cake
Our Price: $8.50
Joan's latest offering is a family favorite.  Joan's amazing sour cream pound cake is tender and delicious, topped by a crunchy, sweet, slightly salty crumb topping.  Just the right little something size, it is sure to become your family favorite as well!  Enriched with 14 vitamins and minerals - so its a great, healthy option as well!  Package of 4.  Read here about what thought about Joan's Gluten Free Crumb Cakes! Do you remember when your Mom made you a very special treat?  Something for your birthday or a great report card?  Something a little sweet, very chocolate, very fudgy, very moist and rich tasting?  You knew she put her best into it, the freshest ingredients, the most love.  You could eat it plain, you could put ice cream and whipped cream on it, sometimes you would split it and put fresh berries and powdered sugar.
Joan still does it that way and now she is making it for you.  Rich, dark and moist, Joan's Gluten Free Double Chocolate Muffins are the best of a brownie, a muffin and devils food all rolled into one.  They are dairy free and enriched with vitamins and organic orange fiber.  The kids will just know how delicious they are, you will know they are good for them as well.  Already baked they can go right into a lunch box or purse. They can be iced for birthday parties. You are going to love them!  4 per package.